The Bard\'s Tale IV: Barrows Deep [L] [RUS + ENG + 3 / ENG] (2018) (4.18.3-102451) [GOG] 

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep
Год выпуска: 2018
Жанр: RPG / Classic / Fantasy / 1st Person / 3D
Разработчик: inXile Entertainment
Издатель: inXile Entertainment
Платформа: Windows
Версия: 4.18.3-102451 Patch 2
Тип издания: Лицензия
Релиз: GOG
Язык интерфейса: русский, английский, французский, испанский, немецкий
Язык озвучки: английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Системные требования:
ОС: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit)
Процессор: Intel Core i5-2500K (4 * 3300) или эквивалент
Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (2048 MB) или Radeon HD 7970 (3072 MB)
Место на диске: 55 GB
Встречайте The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep — продолжение одной из самых известных классических игр в жанре RPG. Проявляйте креативность, осваивая разнообразные тактики боя, решайте головоломки, ищите сокровища, получайте различные бонусы и наслаждайтесь игрой.
Уже больше ста лет минуло с тех пор, как Скара Брэй был разрушен безжалостными злодеями, и события эти почти позабылись. Но зло не исчезло навсегда: затаившись во тьме, оно терпеливо ждало своего часа. И вот этот час настал. Адепты мрачного культа захватили в городе власть, Гильдия искателей приключений объявлена вне закона, а на ее участников объявлена охота. Королевству нужен герой, который бросит вызов силам зла — и этим героем должны стать вы. Более 40 часов игры, 350 диалогов и более 100 фрагментов потрясающих мелодий.
Дополнительная информация:
Официальный сайт —
Установочные файлы игры обновлены патчем 2. Отдельного файла-пачта в GOG нет.
Картинки и описания взяты из соседней раздачи
В папке extras дополнительные материалы:
1. инструкция на английском языке
2. перечень id игровых предметов
3. чертеж для распечатки и изготовления "Code wheel"
2 и 3 нужно для определения какие подношения требуются алтарям. В сети есть неофициальная версия в виде отдельной программы.
Наличие/отсутствие рекламы:

Порядок установки

1. Установить "setup_the_bards_tale_iv_barrows_deep_patch_2_-_4.18.3-102451_(24105).exe"
2. По желанию установить DLC "Fire Horn" запустив файл "setup_the_bards_tale_iv_barrows_deep_fire_horn_patch_2_-_4.18.3-102451_(24105).exe"
3. Играть ( ярлык на рабочем столе ).


Список изменений

Patch 1
Added FOV slider to the options menu
Added ability to delete each save independently
Updated ordering of PAK files to improve loading times up through Skyhenge
Tweaks to volumetric fog in many areas to reduce load on the GPU
Optimization of Kael’s Rudiment VFX to improve performance issues in combat
Fix for puzzle weapons not saving their puzzle state if they were equipped when solved
Fix to puzzle weapon crafting icons to remove stretching issues
Updated materials on some puzzle weapons handles not displaying properly on high, medium, low quality settings
Increased speed of Rain of Arrows enemy animations to reduce slowdown
Fix to a crash when pressing End Turn when the player has an exploding arrow on that would kill them after the turn
Added skill tree icons in subterfuge for lockpick and mastery
Raised FPS cap on smoothing to 260
Fixes to Inner Peace, Mindful, and Quick Thinking to not activate only once
Added windowed mode drop down to replace checkbox
Fix for game softlocking if a tutorial popped up right as a note was read
Fix for electric boon line crash with certain abilities proccing out of combat
Fix for a combatants kill action that could be triggered multiple times and after the end of combat screen which could cause a soft lock, notably with conjurers mark
Fix for activating a standing stone right as combat starts causing a soft lock
Fix for 2 handed weapons with 2 skills that were losing the first skill when level loading or training skills
Fix for issue where combat statuses weren’t being removed after combat
Removed the ability to destroy ink recipes in Mangar’s Tower
Updated Mangar’s horde fight in Mangar’s Tower so traps go away when defeated after save/load
Fixed a fairy golf collision issue in Baedish Lowlands
Audio improvements to final game scene
Removed code that auto sets controller functionality if a gamepad is connected. Gamepad functionality will be added in patch 3
Updated Blessing of Mathan VFX to remove untextured squares
Drunk tutorial should no longer fire off when stepping into a trap
Added aspect ratio adjustments when resolution is changed
Fix for changing between resolution, language, and fullscreen in the options menu causing the game resolution to revert to 1 x 1
Switched Sybale’s background VFX to the rogues set instead of the bards set
Fix for issue where pausing the game in certain (spoilers removed) cutscenes could cause the game to be unresponsive
Updates to floating damage text for readability
Fixed Rabbie’s FaceFX for Snow in Summer song.
Fix for issue where level transitions while dual wielding two main hand weapons would destroy the main hand weapon and dupe the offhand weapon
Fix for Elven wine tooltip to show amount of spell points you generate on use
Small walkability fix in Fichti forest
Fighter’s mana bar shows up now if they have the Veteran passive
Updated traps in base of Song of the Sentry to deal damage to the whole party
Updated text on skill points tutorials
Fix to Harkyn’s Castle and logic puzzle quests to properly complete
Fix to secret doors in Iwon Reg that became impassable after save/load
Fix for an issue where an equipped trinket would duplicate if a consumable trinket was swapped with it
Made the Torr Fion key a quest item
Can no longer spam a lever in Mangar’s tower that would restrict the skulls
Fixed Show North so it’s not useable in combat
Fix for bug where mana was using the current mana value and not the max mana value with certain items
Fix for wraith sub-abilities not respecting mana costs
Update to a combat space in Iwon Reg that was on top of spikes
Fix for an issue in Baedish Forest where there was a chance to get stuck in a combat space
Fix for a possible sequence break in the Isle of Stronsea where the player could speak with the Selkie sisters before they should be able to.
Patch 2
Fixed a crash on launch issue for Windows accounts that contained non-ASCII characters
Optimized lighting and baked lightmaps in Baedish Lowlands, Skara Brae, Inshriach, Castle Langskaal, Mangar’s Tower, Boar Temple, Necromancers Spire, Orkan Rookery, Barrows, and Einaar
Optimized combat lighting to make it less taxing on the GPU
Large optimization pass to reduce unnecessary ticks happening to reduce load on the CPU
Large pass to LOD additional static and skeletal meshes all over the game
Various spelling fixes for typos
Optimization to animation process system
Large group of fixes for combat actions among a variety of enemies that were timing out, creating unnecessary delays. Also sped up attack animations on some slower attacks to improve pacing of combat
Fix to hallowed passive of the Blessed boons line and Red Boots passive to work as the descriptions state
Updated some save totems that weren’t operating correctly and added save totems to the mini-map
Fixed a crash when obtaining a party passive that grants opportunity award during character creation when you had another member in your party that granted an opportunity award already
Fixed a crash with skeletons using Woodsman Chop on someone with counter strike when they would die because of the counter strike
Fixed a random crash that was due to multi-threading
Fix to ensure proper resolution is displayed in windowed fullscreen
Fix for gear puzzles not saving correctly in some languages
Optimization to Unreal blueprint continuation
Fix to unequipping offhand when equipping a 2 handed weapon if Vanguard isn’t active
Fix to Granny Maurag conversation
Consolidated map legend to remove some unnecessary icons
Adjustment to various enemy voicepacks
Fix so players won’t be able to save masteries from one adventurer on another adventurer
Fix for item meshes that weren’t previously showing up when inspected
Fix for end game scenario where Anvil Fist would no longer be a store as his conversation option wasn’t showing up
Fix to prevent arrow keys from selecting disabled dropdown widgets
Fix to a few animations that weren’t looping properly and had a hitch
Fix to subtitles not showing up properly in some instances for human male and female variants
Updated Thomas Hoff mesh so he no longer clips
Fix to Gerund conversation to not auto-trigger at such a large distance
Updated skill tree icons that weren’t unique
Updated Songs of Exploration ability usage so the party HUD will hide after using the ability
Fix for gold sense continuing to trigger on chests that have already been opened
Fix where Tarjan and Zanta camera sequences were missing subtitles
Added effect and sound when Shadow of Mangar spawns in
Fixed a level streaming issue in Iwon Reg where player could see through the world
Fixed an issue where, in rare instances, game could softlock upon interaction with a secret door button in Castle Langskaal
Fix an issue where a UI softlock could occur in rare instances in a cutscene in Castle Langskaal
Fix for Dragonsbile Bomb puddle audio that could persist after combat had ended
Various audio improvements to characters and levels
Fix to Arcane Barrage muzzle flash not cleaning up properly where the particle would stay in the world after combat
Fix to various abilities where All Out Assault wasn’t applying to the entire ability, Storm of Blades damage preview wasn’t working well with multiplicative effects, Razor Strop tooltips displaying incorrect info
Fix where archer’s beat VFX were staying around after an enemy was killed
Various VFX optimizations
Fix for songs of exploration tooltips no longer showing range diagrams that were unnecessary
Fix where Compass of MACO did not, in fact, point north
Updated to setting of view distance for NPCs based on user settings
Updated materials on Ham in Fettercairn
Reduced clutter on mini-map icons
Fix for some enemies like floating wizards and giants when hit by specific damage types freezing their animation
Fixed a performance hang that would happen when certain enemies would trigger caltrops
Updated weapon, item, and armor tooltips to reduce redundant text.
Updated tooltip text (where applicable) to explain that an item can be equipped from an ability
Fix for crash where the player could inspect an item in the character sheet while an item was on the cursor
Moved stat plate locations on giant and wraith enemies
Fix to an issue where it wouldn’t save the location of your masteries after trying to rearrange them.
Fixed an issue with 16:9 monitors that have a greater resolution than 1920x1080
Fix on materials on Father Rythe in Fichti
Added missing audio to various UI elements
Reduced Falkentyne’s Fury damage by 35%
Large amount of fixes to localized text that was showing in an incorrect language
Updated Russian font assignments for handwritten notes
Fixed spot in Castle Langskaal where a player could fall through the world when triggering a combat
Fix for wrecking ball incorrectly showing it would deal 0 damage if the boots weren’t yet equipped
Fix for Dragonsbile Bomb text incorrectly showing amount of turns the effect will last for
Rebuilt lighting in character creation
Fix for a softlock that could occur if your last alive character kills the last alive enemy and themselves with Blood for Blood at the same time
Fixed Sinister Street fog showing incorrectly in quality settings lower than Ultra
Fixed issue where some normal abilities were always showing the range diagram, even if they do not need it
Updated cinematic UI to handle different aspect ratios
Updated UI layouts based on various aspect ratios, including widescreen
Reordered PAK files to help increase loading times across all scenes
Fix for What The River Takes Ghost spawned from combat not saving their state and staying in the world
Fix to notification for when the Wraith is killed to notify the owner to go back to Gate ability from Banish Wraith
Slightly increased difficulty on skeletons and charn skeleton health and power level
Turned of mipmapping for hair alpha cards to prevent beards and hair from disappearing when texture resolution changes
Added some status effect types to determine how a status effect stacks when another status of the same class is added to the combatant
Added internal setting to adjust type of fog being used based on quality settings
Adjusted optimization settings for texture streaming and various texture qualities
Optimizations to animals and ultra dynamic sky to reduce amount of ticks
Updated AI for Cultist Sorcerers to be more active on the combat grid and reduce them not having an action on their turn due to cooldowns
Added ravenous null audio to Duke Kingston’s lair
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